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GDC Reacts To Release Of Gambians Captured By Senegalese Troops

Mama Kandeh
Gambia Democratic Congress Leader

By Buba Gagigo

The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has reacted to the release of the three Gambians taken hostage by the Senegalese troops during their clash with the MFDC separatists last week.

“They have been handed over to the Gambian Police Force, our law enforcement Agency, which is the proper thing to do. GDC hopes that this latest show of ineptitude and irresponsibility by our government in protecting our citizens will not continue. This is because, across the world, Gambian citizens are well respected; from the West to East, Central and North Africa to as far as across Europe and the Americas. Thus, our leaders should not begin to let us down at the home front.

“Moreover, no foreign institution or government has the right to protect our forests on our behalf and in place of our local law enforcement agencies. We have professional men and women in our national security forces!

“As clearly stated in our former Press Release, the Senegalese soldiers attached to the ECOMIG team have no mandate/operational right according to the ECOWAS Protocol on ECOMIG to get involved in the implementation of Gambian domestic laws. The Gambia is a sovereign nation and its sovereignty is an absolute and indispensable right that must be observed and respected by every individual, nation or society,” the GDC said in a statement today.

The opposition party also said The Gambia does not need to involve in the Senegal- Cassamance the matter; and urged every Gambian against dragging the nation into the Senegal-Cassamance affair. 

“It is a move that will spell doom and disaster for everyone in The Gambia, if we allow our leaders to lure our nation into it. No Gambian should bear the brunt of the trouble between Senegal and Cassamance, and the GDC alongside every Gambian is calling on our leaders to stop any moveaimed at aiding and abetting Senegal’s disposition towards the Cassamance separatists’ movement,” it concluded.

Meanwhile, the three were on Wednesday released by the Senegalese authorities and handed over to the Gambia Police Force at the Gambia-Senegal border, the Chief of Foni Kansala District confirmed to this medium.

On 24 January, following the clash, the Senegalese troops in the ECOMIG mission captured Modou Bojang (Modou Mbaye), the Alkalo of Karrol; Fabakary Bojang, a native of Karrol; and Abdou Jammeh, a police officer stationed in Kanilai and held them until their release.

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