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GDC leader visits Taneneh village


The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has visited Taneneh village on Sunday.

Kandeh and his party delegates went to the village to add their voice on the ongoing dispute over land which has been used by Taneneh as a graveyard.

Accroding to a press release from the party, Kandeh thanked the people of Teneneh for keeping and maintaining the peace.

Kandeh reportedly offered Seedu Barrow a plot of land, the exact size elsewhere, for him to allow the people of Taneneh to use his land as a graveyard.

Kandeh urged Seedu Barrow who claimed ownership over the Taneneh graveyard to exercise mercy for the purpose of peace, common understanding.

The people of Taneneh village appreciated Hon Kandeh’s visit and welcomed his kind words.

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