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Excerpts of My Open Letter To Chairman of Commission Of Enquiry


Prince Ebrahima Sanyang’s assets have been frozen by the commission of inquiry probing former ruler Yahya Jammeh.

One year on, I am reiterating my position, that allegations brought forward by the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, against 9 of my companies are false in entirety. Fact, there was zero financial or business nexus between my companies and former President. If there was a nexus, one year on, where is the “evidence”? Considering 9 of my companies were the first to be accused/frozen, why am I NOT invite to the commission of enquiry to date?

One year on, after countless public sittings at commission of enquiry, no single evidence of financial culpability was submitted against any of my 9 companies.

One year on, the Attorney General and Ministry of Justice in cohort with a court, continues to extend a witch-hunted embargo and or blanket freezing order against 9 of my companies and commercial interest in the Gambia and beyond; without a single evidence of financial culpability and or nexus between my companies and former President.

One year on, Gambians are truly putting the dots together against these false allegations!

I had always opined, indeed from very onslaught, that all allegations by the attorney General and Ministry of Justice against my companies completely false. Indeed fabricated allegations fuelled by a stage managed witch-hunt and hatred.

Fellow Gambians, There was absolutely no credible basis, evidence and or ground to warrant my companies as “close associates” of former president. Pure witch-hunt.

Mr Chairman, isn’t it a universally shared value that all men are equal before the law? and that all accused are innocent, until proven guilty in a credible and impartial judicial process/court? Shouldn’t it be universally acceptable and shared values that grants fundamental human right to all accused, be granted a fair, impartial and transparent due process first, before any judgment?

Mr Chairman, if indeed we share aforementioned universal values, where is my right to fair and transparent justice? Why still holding 9 of my companies?

If there was a nexus, one year on, where is the “evidence”? Considering my companies were the first to be accused, why am I NOT invited to the commission of enquiry to date?

My fundamental human rights had been flagrantly infringe upon; my right to access a fair and transparent judicial process and or impartial justice denied. Indeed a wrong precedent and very regrettable cause of actions in our questionably “new found” democracy.

If my enemies thought their false fabricated allegations could bring me down, they are very wrong. I had been quite and patient for over a year, enough is enough.

As a matter of fact, the biggest losers today, are the tens of thousands of my fellow ordinary Gambians, who desperately needed better livelihood and would have directly benefited from my investments through creation of thousands of direct employment opportunities.

The Attorney General and Ministry of Justice’s fabricated allegations against my companies brought about substantial economic losses in Billions USD$ of direct investments into life changing projects for Gambia and Gambians. I am no beggar at the global market, rather a respectable investment driver.

Thus, re-igniting any of my investment confidence on Gambia’s suitably as a safe investment destination will be simply too hard to conceive. Global Markets do not like uncertainties. Whether my accusers like it or not, I am an investor with global credibility and recognition. Thus, these false allegations and heavy handed expropriation against my companies and commercial interest has clearly demonstrated Gambia as a high risk country for investment. Time will tell.

Instead of championing the USD$ multi-billion global investment leverage capability of indigenous Gambian investors like me, they are busy fabricating false allegations to bury me alive.

Mr Chairman, with respect, enough is enough. I enjoin on you for an impartial justice to be served and bring about immediate closure to this unjust painful and protracted episode. Why is the evidence?

Today, I have no faith for an impartial judicial process in Gambia. I enjoin on you to re-ignite hope for fair and impartial enquiry against aforesaid false allegations. Let the Attorney General present an evidence of substance that qualifies my companies as close associates of former president forthwith, or FREE MY COMPANIES.

Mr Chairman, one year on, the innocent must NOT be made to suffer unduly.

My fellow Gambians and my dear friends and families, Ramadan Mubarak to you all, May the Blessings of Almighty GOD continue to shower on your homes and your endeavours. May our fast be accepted and May we all live to witness next ramadan in Good Health, Peace and Prosperity.

Assalamu Alaikum.

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