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Gambia: Mayor Lowe Proved That Banjul Can Do Better

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Rohey Malick Lowe, Mayor Of Banjul

By Pata Saidykhan- USA

We’ve gotten to times that humans are more sophisticated in not just dealing with others but controlling their own emotions in decision making. Emotional Intelligence has been more than a phenomenon for smart communities of people. The Gambian voter has evolved so much that underestimating them will be costly. And however one feels about how Banjul votes, we ought to respect and appreciate the fact that they’re dynamic and progressive.

It is natural for one to identify with an entity that represents you, even if remotely. Politics or otherwise. But I’m confining this discourse to Politics since we’re in that season. The identifiable entity here is not a partisan color. I’d be othering identification to #PROGRESSIVENESS and its #ALTERNATIVE.

The City of Banjul and her people, I’ve always maintained, are the most fluid and unpredictable voting bloc. You’d not know how their weather will fare, however great a metrologist you are. The Banjulian interests like all other places, is not monolithic nor constant. Meaning times and situations determine what is priority for the majority and whatever they choose, they have the ability to undo when they want to. They’ve done that several election cycles where they’d voted in a manner that surprises anyone not living in Banjul. They had reelected Incumbents and kicked them out of office. They’ve elected Independents as well. And that’s mature Politics and it compels politicians to not take them for granted!

When Banjul chose in 2018, to entrust their City Council to Rohey Malick Lowe; Banjul Mayoress, it might not be the safest considering at the she was untested, but they certainly were intelligent enough to choose the best from their options. ROHEY was! Noone else could have gotten Banjul to the Level it is today

FIVE years on, Rohey has brought stability in BCC, settled all debts the Council had with Banks which was hampering cos as it is with the Central Govt, debt financing is a huge burden, better the sanitary and health conditions of the city, empowered women doing business on small scales.

EVEN where she had faced the stiffest antagonism and direct deliberate undermining from the President and his acolytes, she stood tall and not even once shirked.

Maintain the high-hoisted flag in Banjul by returning Mayor Rohey Lowe to lead the City Council and build on the development achievements. There’s no fair comparison to make between Mayor #LOWE and #Ebou Faye. The only thing these two have in common where they can be put on the same scale is that they both are from Banjul. Every other variable including ABILITY, VISION, CAPACITY, COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, CONSISTENCY and LOYALTY, Rohey draws circles around him.

The Banjul voter is sophisticated and Rohey knows and understands this. That is why she’s working so hard to get them renew her mandate but returning to them with reminders of what is at stake She’s not complacent. And her return is not only to seek votes. She’s been with them all throughout, before this election cycle. Ebou and NPP just showed up now because they know they need you.

Please return Mayor Rohey Malick to Office.

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