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Gambia In Danger Of Becoming A Failed State: GFA And Allies Are Determined To Take A Stance And Stop The Rot


The Gambia For All party previously warned about our country’s apparent slow descent into chaos and dysfunction. By raising the alarm, GFA had hoped that the authorities would take note, and adopt appropriate measures that would protect the country from witnessing the ominous signs that are visible to all keen observers.

Then, the soaring costs of living, which continue to worsen daily, combined with the escalating COVID-19 crisis, and the pervasive corruption at all levels of government were seen as threatening the stability of the nation.

Little did we realize that the rot we cautioned about has reached the apex of our state institutions. The menace of dangerous drugs peddled by international criminal syndicates, who are seemingly protected by higher authorities, is threatening the very fabric of our society as it has destroyed other societies and nation-states elsewhere around the world.

It has not escaped the Gambians attention that the alleged masterminds of the biggest drug cases in the country always seem to conveniently leave the jurisdiction before apprehension by law enforcement agencies. Consequently, the general public, either correctly or not,  is of the suspicion that these cartel leaders are conducting their criminal activities in collusion with higher authorities, who care more about personal wealth, than safeguarding the security and welfare of the country.

As if the people of the Gambia have not suffered enough, the recent criminally engineered fuel crisis, the like of which has never been seen in this country, is the direct result of impunity accorded to individuals who loot our critical national assets. GFA and it’s allies are committed to use all legal means available to fight the endemic corruption and maladministration that has been the hallmark  of the Barrow administration.

Clearly, we  cannot continue on our country’s current trajectory, because that would likely lead us to a failed state, when The Gambia would only exist in name, a disaster we MUST endeavor to avoid at all cost.

In view of the serious threats facing the country, GFA and it’s allies are calling on all patriotic Gambians to save our country from collapse, by voting massively for the Alliance Candidate and UDP Presidential flag bearer, Alhagi ANM Ousainou Darboe, on December 4th 2021. That will be the solution to stopping our long nightmare which, started almost 27 years ago with the dictatorship.

Communication Cell,

Gambia For All (GFA)

Ma-Jonka House, Block 6a, Kanifing Estate 

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