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Darboe Says UDP Gov’t Will Drill 100 Boreholes Annually


Ousainu ANM Darboe
United Democratic Party

By Buba Gagigo
The United Democratic Party (UDP) Leader, lawyer Ousainu ANM Darboe, has promised that his government would drill 100 boreholes annually, if elected.
“What I will tell you is, if you elect the UDP as the next government, Evey year, we will drill 100 Boreholes in the country. There are villages that have one borehole but the water is not enough. Others don’t have water at all. We will start with people who do not have water at all and give them borehole, and if we are drilling these Boreholes, we will have a plan. Because the borehole diggers always asked about the amount of people in the village. But we have observed that in every village, people will be increasing. Then you cannot drill a borehole for five thousand people, five years later you have seven thousand people. In that case the water will not be enough for people. That’s why if we are to dig the boreholes in a village that has  five hundred people, we will plan it for the next five years the village will have one thousand people. Then we will drill a borehole that can supply water for one thousand people,” Darboe told his supporters in Babou Jobe (Niamina).
The United Democratic Party (UDP) leader made these remarks on Sunday while addressing a rally of his supporters in the Central River Region village of Babou Jobe (Niamina

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