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Former President Yahya Jammeh Addresses Supporters in Diabugu, URR

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H.E Yahya AJJ Jammeh, Former President of The Gambia.

By Buba Gagigo

Former Gambian president Yahya Jammeh says he will only work with people who stood by him when he was away.

“Jobs will be given only to people who stood for us. If you are not with me today don’t come and say all of us were here. The person who stood up for me and heard all the insults is my relative. There are two camps, the first one is Iblis and the second one is God’s camp which is my APRC camp. We don’t worship Satan. We worship only God. If you are part of the Iblis camp don’t even think you will work for me when I come back. Only truthful people, religious people, and people who stood for me when I was not in the country will work with me,” the former president said in a phone call amplified for his supporters during a spot meeting organized by his non-aligned faction of the APRC in Diabugu, URR.

The former Gambian president also promised Gambians that he will come back and finish what he started;

“URR and the entire Gambia, listen to me very carefully. Yesterday I worked for you without looking in the eyes of anyone, without looking at where people belong. I didn’t look at tribe or religion. I was working for the entire country. I told you if they (the opposition) come to power, the people in the Gambia will suffer, religions will go back and that’s what happened.

“I made a lot of promises in URR (before he leaves) and swear that I will fulfill all the promises. Unfortunately, I was not able to fulfill it. I didn’t get what I want from God yet. Is like we started cooking but we didn’t finish the cooking. If I come back I will finish the cooking and everyone will take his/her share,” Jammeh said.

Former president Yahya Jammeh was speaking to the people of the Upper River Region (URR) from Equatorial Guinea on Saturday. His ‘No To Alliance’ people are currently on a tour of the area.

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