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‘Covid-19 pandemic vividly exposes Gambia’s weakness as nation’ Says GDC leader Mama Kandeh


GDC Leader Mama Kandeh

By Arfang M.S. Camara

Mama Kandeh, leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) has said that the covid-19 pandemic has vividly exposed The Gambia basic weaknesses as a nation.
He added that as far as their part is concerned, The Gambia of today is in a sorry-state with a tormenting level of poverty and public dissatisfaction running high.
The Secretary General and party leader of the GDC was speaking today, during his party’s 4-year anniversary held at Baobab hotel.
Hon Kandeh added that: It is beyond sad that our country cannot adequately take care of its citizens in a difficult time like we face now. A situation marked by a phenomenal suffering among the population. Hunger is rife and hopelessness among the people rises geometrically on daily basis.”
According to him, GDC intends for The Gambian people, a fair, free and open society that harnesses the abilities of each and every one of its citizens to participate fully in society, as well as presenting them with the opportunities to fulfill their potentials, free them from poverty, ignorance, and discrimination.
“We are in favour of a systematic application of the subsidiarity principle in order to bring decision-making as close as possible to the citizens of The Gambia.”
He added that, during their four-year journey, their party has gone through a number of trials and challenges but is still standing tall.
Mama Kandeh donates D100, 000 to The Gambia Federation of the Disabled

Hon Kandeh presenting to the Federation of the disabled

As part of their 4-year anniversary, the leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) Party, Mama Kandeh has donated D100, 000 to The Gambia Federation of the Disabled to support the persons with disabilities in this trying times of the covid-19 crisis.
“I am very much happy to continue my support to the persons with disabilities. The disabled people have been contributing so much in many sectors across the country especially in the GDC party,” said Mama Kandeh
According to Mama Kandeh, he was very touched when the federation of the disabled came to asked for an assistant during this crisis, as government asked everyone to stay at home due the coronavirus pandemic.
“I decided to bring out the little I have to present it to the federation to assist some of the most-needy and vulnerable persons with disabilities.”
He went on to thanked the persons with abilities through their federation for their hard work like other Gambians for contributing towards nation building.
For his part, Mohammed Krubally, chairperson of The Gambia Federation of the Disabled said that this gesture is historic as it is the first time their federation is receiving such enormous cash prize as a mean to support the persons with disabilities.
“This is indeed historic in the country, during my tenure as the chairperson of the GFD no political party or an individual has come up with a such cash amount to support the persons with disabilities, especially in light of this difficult moment.”
He said the GDC has shown a mantle of leadership by coming out to ensure full inclusion of persons with disabilities in their support agenda.
Lamin K. Janneh, who spoke on behalf of the physically challenged persons thanked the GDC party through their leader Mama Kandeh for the continues support given to the people with disabilities.
“I am not surprised by this gesture from the GDC leader. This has been the norm towards the people with disabilities.”
He according to him this gesture came at the right time to them as disabled persons, noting that because almost 70% of them as disabled are beggars.

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