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Ambassador Ramzia Diab holds inspirational lecture in Malaysia


The Gambia’s Ambassador in Malaysia, H.E Ramzia Diab Ghanim, on Friday 28th September 2018 served as a special guest speaker/lecturer of the International Business School on the newly launched Global Dialogue Forum at the University Technology University, (UTMKL) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In an emotional and inspiration lecture attended by the University leadership and postgraduate students on the topic EMERGENCE FROM DICTATORSHIP IN TRANSITION TO NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT THROUGH EDUCATION, Ambassador Ghanim presented The Gambia in the most positive light, giving a synopsis of the transformation of the country since independence.

Taking the audience through an emotional journey of her personal experiences of hardship under the Yahya Jammeh regime, H.E Ghanim detailed the trials and tribulations and how she fell out with the dictator based on matters of principle while chronicling the ensuing consequences of jail and torture she and her family suffered.

Optimistic about the future of The Gambia despite at the mercy of a brutal dictator, Ambassador Ghanim also narrated how she joined and participated in a collation that would dislodge Jammeh and restore democracy in the country.

The audience, enthralled by the gripping story of a strong woman in the height of dictatorship, expressed support and admiration for her principled stance against human rights violations.
The Gambia’s ambassador is also leading efforts in ensuring collaborations between South East Asian people, institutions, organizations and the University of The Gambia.

She highlighted how Malaysia Universities may collaborate with the University of The Gambia that allows for student and staff exchange visits, capacity building, joint research, and many other relevant areas.

She added that over 250 Gambian students are studying in different universities in Malaysia, emphasizing how remarkable the students are performing and becoming good ambassadors of their country, The Gambia.

As a result of this lecture, UTM of Malaysia has proposed to sign a letter of cooperation (LOC) with the University of The Gambia.

The LOC will allow Gambian students to pursue postgraduate studies (Master’s and PhD) with a free tuition facility at the University Technology Malaysia.

The Ambassador will begin necessary actions to effect this facility for the immediate benefit of Gambian students who aspire to pursue post-graduate studies.

She thanked the University Technology Malaysia for their magnanimity.

Press release issued by Foreign Affairs Ministry

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