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Chairman Danjo Says Barrow Threatens To Arrest Him

Foday Danjo
The Chairman of Basse Area Council



By Buba Gagigo

The Chairman of Basse Area Council Foday Danjo has said that President Adama Barrow threatened to arrest him for secretly recording Minister Musa Drammeh in a conversation.

“When he [President Barrow] arrived, all of us were on the line at the market. He was shaking hands until he reached me. He shook my hand. He looked at me several times, but he did not recognize me. That was the time I removed my facemask. When he recognized me, he ‘told me chairman’, I responded yes.

“He then asked me- why did you record my minister? I also asked him- what did I do to your minister? He told you are the one who recorded the Minister. I responded yes and told him I had explained to the Minister the reason I recorded him. He [the president] still asked why I recorded the minister, I again replied that I had explained to the minister the reason I recorded him. He [president] then asked me where I saw that in the world. I told him but I just told you that I have explained to the minister the reason and we have already settled it. He said his plan was when he reaches Basse, he will instruct the Police to arrest me. Then I told him I am available you can arrest me,” Mr Danjo said in audio recording shared with Kerr Fatou

Foday Danjo is the Chairman of Basse Area Council. Both Foday and Barrow were United Democratic Party [UDP] members, until he fell out with the UDP and formed his own political Party.


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