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Arrested ex-NIA operative Senghore charged with perjury


Lamin Senghore is nicknamed The Assassin, a title he has come to have because he was a “fast leaner”.  Senghore was seen to be largely uncooperative with the Truth Commission during his testimony on April 8.

Lamin Senghore also known as The Assassin

Lamin Senghore, a resident of Bundung and a former operative of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), has been charged with perjury, according to Foroyaa Newspaper.

The local daily newspaper quoted anonymous sources who confirmed Senghore’s arrest and detention at Kairaba Police Station where he is still being held.

Senghore’s case is being handled by personnel of the Criminal Investigation Department at Kairaba Police Station (CID) who are currently investigating the matter, reported Foroyaa.

Sources added the TRRC witness is still incarcerated in a cell at Kairaba Police station and family members are visiting him there.

Sources said Police detectives have obtained a statement from Senghore.

The former private soldier was on Monday, 8 April, phoned and asked to answer at Kairaba Police Station after testifying at the TRRC.

Senghore appeared before the 11 commissioners of the Truth Commission investigating human rights violations of the former dictator Yahya Jammeh on April 8.

He denied wrongdoing though he was part of soldiers who repeal the November 11, 1994 planned coup following which the soldiers executed close to two dozen of their colleagues.

He was also recruited as a jungler, a paramilitary hit squad created by the former self-style revolutionary, Yahya Jammeh to kill and torture his enemies perceived or real.

He also worked for National Intelligence Agency, the black box of the torture activities of Jammeh and his regime not claimed he was not a witness to any wrongdoing or play an active part in it.

Senghore is currently serving as a drug squad agent. He is nicknamed The Assassin, a name he claimed he has because he is a “fast learner”.

It is a crime to lie before Gambia’s Truth commission but it is also a crime to lie under oath in Gambia. Senghore is the second person to be arrested for lying to the Commission after John Charles Mendy.

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