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Witness Jallow Says Jammeh Regretted Killing His Relatives

Saihou Jallow
Former Solider


By Buba Gagigo

Former bodyguard to former president Yahya Jammeh disclosed that Jammeh has confessed to him regretting the killing of his own relatives because he was misled.

“Jammeh told me that he regretted the killings of his own relatives [Harouna and Jarsaja Kujabi] because he was misled by Solo Bojang and Tumbul Tamba,” He answered

Jallow made these remarks at the Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) on Friday.

Did Jammeh confess to you the disappearance of Harouna and Jarsaja Kujabi?  Counsel Essa Faal asked.

He has done this before, disappearing people and also sending people 6 feet deep and this was his modus operandi and often used that language, Faal put to him.

“I don’t know that”. He replied

The Coup Lang Tombong Tamba was accused of was false and the evidence was fabricated at the NIA and that Yahya Jammeh knew the evidence was fabricated, Faal put to the witness.

In response, Jallow said Yahya Jammeh was lied to by people he sat with.

The question is, the allegations against Lang Tombong Tamba were false and it was all designed to take him to jail? Counsel Asked

 “I don’t know,” Jallow responded.

You went to the Panel correctly? “Yes”, the witness responded.

The witnessed said while in that Panel he saw that evidence was falsified against Lang Tombong, and he protested and informed Jammeh

“Obviously Yahya Jammeh knew that Lang Tombong was innocent but used the courts to eliminate his opponents and would even go after people who know a little about his secrets just to cover up his crimes,” Jallow concluded.

The Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commission [TRRC] has on 28th May concluded the public hearings started on 7th January 2019.  It is expected to submit its findings in a report to the President soon.


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