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We Must Resist Adama Barrow’s Authoritarian Itch

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Ousman Ceesay, Seattle, WA

In the words of Frederick Douglass, “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” This timeless adage resonates deeply in our current situation, as we find ourselves grappling with the emerging authoritarian tendencies of Adama Barrow, the very man we once rallied behind to liberate our nation from the grips of a murderous dictator. It is a stark reminder that the pursuit of power can transform even the most humble beginnings into unbridled ambition, and that it is incumbent upon us, the citizens, to resist and protect the freedoms we hold dear.

Seven years ago, Adama Barrow was a relatively obscure figure, engaged in a crumbling real estate hustle. However, the circumstances of our nation compelled us to look beyond his humble origins and place our faith in him as President. In our collective fight against a murderous dictator, we were forced to set aside due diligence regarding Adama’s ability and preparedness for the role of President. The urgency of the moment overshadowed our concerns, and we placed our trust in him to lead our country towards a brighter future.

Fast-forward to the present, and the man we once rallied behind now stands before us full of bombast and bravado. Adama Barrow’s recent actions and words reflect an alarming authoritarian itch that threatens to stifle our voices and undermine the principles of democracy and freedom that we fought so hard to establish. He appears to have developed a sense of self-importance akin to that of a deity or king, issuing threats to arrest and imprison citizens for expressing their views, even when such speech is protected by our constitution.

The line has been drawn, whether we acknowledge it or not. Adama Barrow’s authoritarian aspirations show no sign of subsiding anytime soon. The question that confronts us is whether we will submit to his will, or if we will rise together as a people who understand the true value of freedom. Our liberty, hard-fought and hard-won, lies in our hands, and eternal vigilance is the price we must pay and continue to pay for its preservation.

To submit to Adama Barrow’s authoritarian itch is to betray the ideals for which we have struggled and suffered. It is to allow the very essence of our democracy to wither away, replaced by a regime driven by suppression and fear. Our responsibility, as citizens who deserve to be free, is to resist this encroachment on our rights and liberties with unwavering determination.

Resistance does not necessarily mean rebellion or violence. It means standing up for our rights through peaceful means, engaging in open dialogue, and advocating for the principles of democracy and freedom. It means holding our leaders accountable for their actions and decisions, irrespective of their past.

The authoritarianism displayed by Adama Barrow is a stark reminder that power, once acquired, can be a double-edged sword. As citizens, we have a duty to safeguard our hard-won freedoms and resist any encroachments upon them. The battle for freedom and democracy is an ongoing struggle, and eternal vigilance is indeed the price we must pay to protect our liberty. We must unite, speak out, and hold our leaders accountable to ensure that the authoritarian itch is not allowed to undermine the ideals for which we have fought so valiantly. Our future, as a free and democratic nation, depends on our collective resolve to resist and uphold the principles that define us.

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