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Two People Mentioned In Baby Muhammed’s Death Granted “Strict Bail”

Superintendent Lamin Njie
Spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force

By Buba Gagigo

The Spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force, Superintendent Lamin Njie has confirmed that Cherno Mbye and Kibily Dambelly who were mentioned in baby Muhammed’s death are granted “strict bail”.

“They are granted strict bail and they continued assisting the investigation,” he said.

Asked whether the two men were charged, he replied: “Unless I checked with the investigators, if they have been charged before bail, but they are currently granted with strict bail and they are helping with the investigation pending the arrival of Sainabou.” 

Further asked whether they are in contact with Sainabou, he said: “Yes and we are hoping that very soon Sainabou will be back.”

On whether or not Sainabou is cooperating, the police spokesperson responded in the affirmative: “Of course, because right now, we are in contact with the Senegalese securities, she will be here very soon.”

“The arrested individuals have been granted strict bail; many people are spreading information thinking that they have been released. I don’t think that makes sense. If you say released, it will appear as ‘let go’ and that is not the issue,” he explained.

Cherno Mbye and Kibily Dambelly were arrested by the Police; after being mentioned in a leaked audio by Sainabou Mbye over the death of baby Muhammed.

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