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Transport Union To Propose Fare Increment After Tobaski

Omar Ceesay
President Gambia Transport Union

By Buba Gagigo

The Gambia Transport Union (GTU) President, Omar Ceesay said they will suggest an increment of transport fares after Tobaski.

“The increment (of cost of fuel) affects us transporters. It’s affecting our day to day activities. It is creating a lot difficulties as far as the transportation is concerned. Since on 1st July, we have received series of complaints from our members (Drivers). Our last agreement with the government in 2021 about the fare increment, we agreed that if fuel price goes up to 20%, we should increase the transport fare. 

“At that time, we took the baseline at D52.23 per liter, but today fuel has increased to D73.78, which means each liter D21.55 have been increased. So that is affecting our day to day activities. We are facing a lot difficulties, but it is Tobaski time. So have written to the Government so that we can sit and discuss the issue because we cannot continue to work in this condition. We will propose the increment of the fare for the betterment of all,” he told Kerr Fatou on Thursday.

The price for petrol (PMS) and diesel (AGO) has just been increased at the pumps effective 1st July 2022. 

The increment is precipitated by the expiration of a government subsidy that underpinned the preceding price, before the increase.

From Friday, 1st July 2022, the price of Petrol per litre stands at D78.76; Diesel at D73.78; and Kerosene at D89.78.

By comparison, the pump prices in May and June for Petrol and Diesel were D69.52  (equivalent to $1.29) and D64.78 a liter (equivalent to $1.20) respectively. The low prices in May and June  were made possible by a government subsidy.

The expired subsidy resulted in the increase in the price of Petrol by D9.28 and D10.56 for Diesel over the May-June pump prices.

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