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There cannot Be Reconciliation Without Justice And Accountability

Lawyer Salieu Taal


Many say there are no friends or enemies in politics but only permanent interests. This is often used to justify the brand of political entrepreneurship and prostitution that is the order of the day in our neck of the woods. This is a dangerous narrative and unfortunately , one that many apologists for spineless politicians wittingly and unwittingly peddle. The decision of President Adama Barrow (NPP) to form an alliance with APRC may in his view be the best political decision but probably one of the most unconscionable act on his part. A President we voted for to replace a dictatorship and restore our battered democracy from years of abuse and tyranny. A President we stood up for to ensure he took over the mantel of leadership to chart a new course for our country – to build a New Gambia. This same President promised to be a transitional president for three years and reneged . The President whose government promised to replace the very constitution and laws enacted to perpetuate a dictatorship – failed . The President whose govt established a truth commission and promised us accountability and an end to impunity embraces the party, family, accomplices and friends of the brutal dicatator Yaya Jammeh. What message is Adama Barrow sending to us ? Is Adama Barrow suffering from Amnesia ? There cannot be reconciliation without justice and accountability. Mr. President, you found time to visit Jammeh’s family yet indifferent to the plight of victims. Politics does not have to be spineless and devoid of values. What are we teaching our children and generations to come? Gambia is once again at a cross road and we the people will decide our fate #GambiaHasDecided #NeverAgainYa

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