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Bai Sankareh Alleges Barrow’s Followers Care For Money Than NPP


    1. Bai Sankareh
    A prominent NPP supporter

By Buba Gagigo

A prominent NPP supporter, Bai Sankareh has alleged that followers of President Barrow are in for their pockets than the NPP.

“If I were Maimuna Baldeh, I would resign because before you [Maimuna Baldeh] were appointed as National Women Mobilizer in the party. When you are appointed, the problems keep increasing in the party. All the people following President Barrow are there for their own self-interest. They are not there to help Gambians. They are not helping the NPP, but their own interest to fill their pockets. Now you call them National Money Gram not National People’s Party. This entire problem is Maimuna Baldeh, because she thinks she is another President,” Bai Sankareh said in an audio recording obtained by Kerr Fatou.

He added: “Even the vehicles you allocated for people during the tour, they give it to their girlfriends. If you reach Saidy Bah’s office, his order should be passed, but they are allocating their girlfriends, one or two people per car. The people that are not working are raised high and people working are pressed down. Saidy Bah don’t give us Even a mere sticker.”

The prominent NPP supporter threatened to resign and challenge the National People’s Party, if he resigns from the party.

“I may resign and if I resign, I will challenge you because I warned you a long time ago. Barrow thinks this is politics. People are lying to you. HE we have control here, HE we have control there, where did you control? People are dying of hunger. Right now, even the opposition parties are more powerful than the NPP. They are only taking Money destroying it anyhow, they like. And they are saying, ‘let’s spend the money, we know he will not win,’” he said.

Meanwhile, in another audio recording this medium obtained, certain supporters of National People’s Party were insulting one another over the exclusion of the National Women Mobilizer from addressing NPP supporters during the president’s just concluded meet the people tour.

The situation later degenerated and the NPP supporters concerned ended up at the Brusubi Police Station.

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