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The Future Of KMC Depends On Its Voters.

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Omar Ceesay, former NAM, Niamina East Constituency

By Omar Ceesay

The upcoming local government elections are a chance for the people of Kanifing Municipality to choose their future. They can either re-elect Talib Bensouda, who has a proven track record of progress, or they can choose someone new who may not have the same experience or vision.

It is true that money can influence people’s decisions, but it is in the best interest of the people of KMC to consider Talib over the money and other candidates, especially those from the National People’s Party (NPP).

The Barrow government has deliberately failed to provide the necessary development that the people of KMC deserve. This is due to the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the political leadership.

The election of Talib as an opposition mayor in 2018 angered the president and his team, and they have since neglected KMC. This is despite the fact that the president was elected to provide meaningful development for the people of KMC, regardless of who the mayor was.

It is better to deal with the devil you know than to risk the devil you don’t. It is also not wise to vote for NPP candidates after the party leadership (president) has failed to fulfil its outstanding duty to improve the lives of Gambians.

The Barrow government continues to inflict pain on the masses instead of being a messiah to the people. It is clear that the only interest of Barrow’s team in wanting to unseat Talib is to clip his wings and not to provide any form of development in KMC.

NPP’s performance in KMC is far below that of Talib’s. The two are not even comparable.

In conclusion, I urge the eligible voters of KMC to re-elect Talib and ignore the detractors. Focus on the candidate and not the party.

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