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South Sudanese Coach Friendship With Gambian Counterpart To Turn Rivalry Today

Stefan Cusin
South Sudan coach

By Buba Gagigo

The South Sudanese Coach Stefan Cusin and his Gambian counterpart Tom Saintfiet have confirmed being friends for a long time.

The Gambian Coach Tom Saintfiet said during his pre-march press conference: “I have known Stefan for a long time. He is my good friend.”

The South Sudanese Coach, Stefan Cusin has confirmed the claim of Tom Saintfiet in an interview with Kerr Fatou. 

He said “I know your coach, Tom. He is a good person.”

The Gambian Coach Tom Saintfiet has complained of some injuries but confirmed that all the 24 players that are currently with him are fit for the game.

The South Sudanese Coach Stefan Cusin has declined to disclose the injury status of his team, and jokingly told Kerr Fatou on Friday: “If I say anything, my friend Tom will take advantage. So I’m sorry I will answer that question.” 

The friendship would turn to rivalry in the Scorpions-South Sudan AFCON match today in Thies, Senegal.

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