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Senegal Magistrates Union urges Magistrates to be impartial in Sonko’s trial

Ousman Sonko
Opposition Leader, Senegal.

By Buba Gagigo

In a statement, the Senegalese Magistrates Union (UMS) urged magistrates in Senegal to be neutral in dealing with Opposition leader Ousman Sonko’s case, and not to give in to any pressure, wherever it comes from.

“Following the arrest of Mr. Ousmane SONKO, we are witnessing attacks directed against the judicial institution, in particular the court of Pikine-Guédiawaye ‘condemns with the greatest firmness,’ “the Union stated.

His arrest has sparked mass protests across Senegal. And one person has so far been reported dead in one of the the Senegalese towns of Bignona as a result of the gunshot he received at the mass protests going on in Senegal in relation to the arrest of Opposition Ousman Sonko.

Many others have also been reported injured during clashes between protesters and security forces.

Universities across Dakar and other parts of Senegal have also joined the protests.

Ousman Sonko, the leader of the Pastef party in Senegal has been charged with disturbing public order in Senegal in the early hours of Wednesday ahead of his scheduled court appearance to face a rape charge.

Charges against him have been increased by Macky government. The latest charges are disturbing public order and participating in an unauthorised demonstration.

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