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Police release Yankuba Darboe on bail

Lawyer Yankuba Darboe


Lawyer Yankuba Darboe one of the leadership of the “3 Years Jotna” group who was early today detained and charged by the police has been finally released.

He has been granted a D50, 000 bail bond, with one Gambian surety.

The charges against him- Insulting the Judiciary and Sedition, still remain. And he is due to report to the police on Monday.

”I have finally been released for today, after a whole day detention, but going back next week, more detentions to come, but they will never break us!” he confirmed his release.

Yanks said the prosecution strengthened the spirit of his group.

“This persecution only strengthened our spirits and determination! Aluta Continua!” Yanks said.

Yankuba alias Yanks was earlier today arrested and charged with Insulting the Judiciary and Sedition; after he and 8 other colleagues of the “3 Years Jotna” group attended High Court on Tuesday, on the reinstituted charges previously brought against them by the State in the trial they were discharged by the High Court on 10 February 2021; before their re-arrested on the same date.

Darboe and 8 other colleagues have been put on trial in relation to the protest staged by the group in January 2021 against President Barrow running for 5 years instead of 3 years as per the Coalition 2016 campaign promise.

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