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Creative Mind: Meet Young Gambian Who Builds Multi-purpose AC From Scrapped Materials

Kebba Ceesay

By: Landing Ceesay

Kebba Ceesay, a native of Farato village and a student of the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) explained to Kerr Fatou how he built a multi-purpose Air Conditioner device which consumes D2 worth of energy in a day.

“As a Young Gambian who is naturally talented when it comes to innovation, I feel that I should do something in the electrical industry that can help Gambians and cost them less. As a result, I started inventing things locally. Then, I invented an electric spoon, electric kettle, electric iron, electric cooking pot and multi-purpose Air Conditioner,” Ceesay said.

In an exclusive Interview with Kerr Fatou, Kebba Ceesay said he used materials such as used ply-wood, leather, copper pipes, and other materials to make the AC device. He described the energy consumption of his device cheaper compared to the modern AC device.

“The function of the multi-purpose AC device is to provide both cold and heat, because I conditioned the machine to do two separate functions- that’s providing cold and heat. It is relatively cheaper than the modern air conditioner made in the Western when it comes to energy consumption. It consumed D2 every 24 hours.”

Ceesay further stated that his multi-purpose air conditioner is safer to use than the modern type because it has a stabilizer inside that controls the flow of current within; and the stabilizer controls the power of the flow of current, and then increases the power of its machine.

When asked how long it took him to build the device, Kebba responded that it took him a month to produce the AC, due to the lack of materials. He assured that if all the materials he needs are available, it will take him 3 days to build the device.

“I am currently working on transforming the multi-purpose AC device into a renewable energy device like solar energy. I want to make another multi-purpose AC device that can use both current and solar energy.”

Apart from the multi-purpose AC device, the young inventor first made a couple of electric appliances in the past months. They include an electric spoon; an electric kettle; an electric iron; and an electric cooking pot.

When asked about some of the challenges he faced during his making these devices, he cited financial constraint as his major challenge. He said the materials he made are still in local condition because of the financial challenge, which would have transformed if he had enough funds.

“Apart from financial constraints, another challenge that I am facing is the mindset of Gambians because they tend to be more attracted by Western products than locally made. I don’t know how I am going to erase that memory or mindset in them,” he said.

Kebba said he is currently working on a lot of products that will not only be useful to Gambians but Africa at large.

“We must understand that creativity is one way that Africa can be independent, and youths in the creative industry should be supported by NGOs, Governments and individuals to enable us achieve our desirable goals in bettering Africa and the world at large.”

Ceesay said he believes that if youths in the creative industry have the support needed, they would have done more than what they are doing.

“There are a lot of talented youths in this country and Gambia has a long way to go in terms of technology so the NGOs, Government and Individuals should support the youths in the creative Industry. I have the belief that young people are ready to come up with a lot of innovations that can improve Africa,” Kebba Ceesay concluded.

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