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I Totally Reject the Investigation on Gorgui Mboob




Madi Jobateh
Human rights Activist

Why should a citizen physically assault another citizen only for the Government to pay money to the victim and let go off the perpetrator? In this case, the perpetrator is in fact a public officer, Commissioner Gorgui Mboob!

What authority or powers or rights or privileges or status does Gorgui Mboob have such that he could physically hit and incapacitate Ebrima Sanneh? Clearly, it is obvious that Gorgui Mboob acted that way only because he thinks he is a police officer who can do whatever he likes. But where in our laws do police officers have a right to physically harm a citizen at will?

There is no evidence that Ebrima resisted arrest or attacked Gorgui Mboob such that Gorgui could claim to be using force in order to effect arrest or defend himself! The very and only purpose of a police officer is to defend human rights and not to damage human rights. Why then should Gorgui Mboob harm a citizen?

It is evidently clear that Gorgui Mboob damaged the human rights of Ebrima Sanneh. Furthermore it is evident that Gorgui Mboob forced Ebrima and other detainees to do labour by force in total contravention of the Constitution.

The Constitution states in Section 20(2) that, ‘No person shall be required to perform forced labour.’ Section 21 went further to state that, ‘No person shall be subject to torture or inhuman degrading punishment or other treatment.’

But these are the constitutional violations that Gorgui Mboob committed yet a panel comprising the National Human Rights Commission, The Gambia Police Force, TANGO and The Gambia Bar Association failed to impose severe sanctions on Gorgui Mboob for this crime. That is indeed very very very concerning! Didn’t they see and know the Constitution?

Clearly in this investigation it is Gorgui Mboob, the Perpetrator who emerged victorious and handsomely rewarded. For that matter, I totally reject this investigation.

The casualties of this investigation have been Ebrima Sanneh, the 1997 Constitution and the sovereignty of citizens and our Republic as a whole!

This is a travesty of unimaginable proportions because it clearly states that a public officer can violate our Constitution and damage our rights yet get protected and rewarded.

Otherwise Gorgui Mboob should have been charged for violating our Constitution in multiple ways and damaging the rights of a citizen which are crimes in our laws!

Therefore I call on Ebrima Sanneh to refuse that filthy D20,000 compensation as blood money. Rather I urge Ebrima to take Gorgui Mboob to court for assault!

On my part, I don’t forgive anyone who pays my part in that money for the crime committed by Gorgui Mboob! That money is public money and therefore The Gambian People must not be made to pay for the crimes of a notorious police officer!

Anyone who takes public money to pay to Ebrima Sanneh for the crime committed against him and all citizens by Gorgui Mboob is a traitor!

Gorgui Mboob should be dismissed immediately and then arrested and then charged for assault before a competent court. Anything less is a travesty! Accountability.

For The Gambia Our Homeland

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