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The CEO Of OIC Gambia Asserts That They Are Prepared To Be Audited

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Yankuba Dibba, CEO OIC Gambia

By Buba Gagigo 

Yankuba Dibba, the CEO of OIC Gambia, has expressed the organization’s preparedness for an audit following the expenditure of over D500 million in state funds.

Mr. Dibba highlighted that regular audits have been the norm since the inception of OIC Gambia, with all evaluations returning unqualified results.

“The money was not provided by any donor. Over D500 million had been pumped into this by the Gambia government. And it all went back into the economy, because Gambian companies were contracted to provide the services. So, naturally, this is public money. Wherever public money goes, if it is a butut, it has to be audited. So the OIC secretariat is quite prepared, even to be audited tomorrow morning. If that is needed, we are prepared. All our processes are full proof. They are in line with government regulations. We have a very competent finance department, and they make sure that everything conforms with the rules. So we will be audited, and I am making this pronouncement that we are prepared even tomorrow morning to undergo an audit exercise,” Dibba said.

These statements were made by the CEO during a press briefing held after the OIC summit on Tuesday.