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“Operation rescue the country “: GFA’s country tour ends

Bakary Bunja Dabo
GFA Party Leader

The Gambia for All Party’s nationwide tour dubbed “Operation Rescue the Country” is ending on Monday 1st of March 2021.

The tour, headed by the party leader and Secretary General, Hon. Bakary Bunja Dabo, started on the 26th of January 2021 with a rousing welcome by the people of Barra, Lower Nuimi District, North Bank Region, and it will end with a big welcoming ceremony starting from Brikama and heading all the way to the party Head Office in Kanifing.

The party leadership visited several villages and towns in all 53 constituencies in the country and met with ordinary people and local dignitaries, listening to their concerns and worries about the country’s lacklustre economic and development trajectory, and the leadership deficit that underpins it.

There was evidence of extreme poverty and hardship everywhere, with local communities complaining bitterly about neglect by the present and preceding Governments. The very sight of the person of the GFA Secretary General, Hon. Bakary Bunja Dabo evoked strong emotions everywhere, with many feeling reassured that GFA offers the opportunity to provide the solution to the country’s leadership crisis.

At every stop, the party leader spoke to crowds of Gambians about GFA’s plans to revitalize the economy, by encouraging entrepreneurship,  restructuring the key sectors of Agriculture, education, and healthcare for the benefit of The Gambian taxpayer. Tying all  these together will be to encourage social cohesion, and fiercely safeguarding the security and independence of the country. GFA is well placed to rescue the nation and lead it on the road to universal prosperity.

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