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Press Release: We Are Not Back By Any Political Party

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Seedy Cham
Chairman of Coalition of Progressive Gambians

28th September 2022.

We wish to make this very clear as it has come to our attention that His Excellency Excellency Adama Barrow has misleadingly associated the Coalition of progressive Gambians to UDP and 3 Years Jotna. We want to make it categorically clear to all Gambians that the Coalition of progressive Gambians is neither UDP nor 3 Years Jotna, as our agendas are completely different. We believed that UDP is a registered political party that can initiate and push any agenda of their own without hiding behind any group or association. Again coalition of progressive Gambians is totally different with the 3 Years Jotna because our agendas are far different. We all knew the 3 Years Jotna was calling for the president to respect and honour the coalition 2016 MOU as agreed in the convention. Whilst our agenda as the coalition of Progressive Gambians is to fight corruption which is rampant in your government.
We know Mr President you are very worried about the plan protest in November, but it will happen if you fail to address our demands because our concerns are very cleared, you must fight corruption such as, audit report on the D669M of the illegal special security account, publish the joint commission’s report on the burning of fisheries ministry and the malpractices in the Banjul rehabilitation project, address the high cost of living, promote transparency and provides better services for our country. If you address these there would be no protest, all we want is better Gambia for all .

We know you’re indeed desperate because you don’t have the political will and commitment to address these legitimate concerns of your citzens, therefore, you’re trying to blackmail and mislead Gambians by describing the CPG as UDP and 3 Years Jotna to discourage the mobilisation for this protest. But that’s a none starter, we wil continue to call on all Gambians to join us as all what we want is better services and corruption free in our institutions.

In conclusion Mr President, the oppositions or CSOs are not your enemies, but your lack of political will to fight corruption, poverty, unemployment, poor electricity and water supply, etc. Failure to address these problems would mean even a unity with all oppodirion parties cannot prevent protests against you, protesting means your failure to pay Attention to public outcry.

Signed by
Seedy cham
Coalition of Progressive (CPG)

Cc: all media houses

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