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President Barrow Urged To Investigate Contractor Of Banjul Project

Musa Yali Batchilly
Gambia Action Party leader

By Buba Gagigo

The Gambia Action Party (GAP) leader, Musa Yali Batchilly has urged President Adama Barrow to investigate the contractor of the Banjul Rehabilitation Project.

Batichilly, the former political partner of President Barrow has made the remarks amid a flash flood in the capital following the construction of the city’s roads and drainage system by Gai Enterprise.

“I Musa Yali Batchilly and the APG alliance are urging Mr President (Adama Barrow) to set up an investigation panel, immediately. After Forty million Dollars was given to him (the contractor), didn’t he do the feasibility study to understand that all the roads should have (a) drainage system? The second thing is, with due respect, do you send a special team to check whether there is a drainage system? Thirdly, you should call him (the contractor) immediately and your people that understand construction to set up a panel to investigate and you send him to Janjanbureh, if he is wrong,” Batchilly said in a whatsApp audio recording obtained by this medium.

Like other parts of the Greater Banjul Area, flash floods affected everywhere in Banjul on Sunday which left many people disappointed after millions of dollars was given to Hadim Gai to build the roads in Banjul. 

Meanwhile, earlier today, the President visited the flood victims in Banjul.

He launched a major construction project to rehabilitate the sewages, drainages and roads of Gambia’s flood-prone capital, Banjul.

The island capital is one of the settlements in Gambia highly affected by flood during rainy season and the city’s sewage system has seriously broken and needed an urgent repair.

The project covered the drainage and sewage systems as well as a 37km road network, but also to beautify the city with green-ups.

Banjul is the trade centre of Gambia where the country’s ports and major government offices are located.

The over D1.8 billion (US$35.5 million) project launched in February 2019, was contracted to Gai Construction Company for the construction of the roads, drainage and sewage systems of the capital city. The project was pre-financed by Hadim Gai of Gai Construction Company.

 However, the work by Gai Construction Company could not save the city from the weekend flood after continual heavy downpours across the region.

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