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President Barrow irritated over Dr Ceesay’s comments


The Gambian leader has lost his cool when responding to criticisms leveled against his administration by a critic of his administration, Dr Ismaila Ceesay.

Ceesay, in an interview with a Gambian online newspaper, said the Gambian leader has no idea about governance, describing him “clueless”.

Barrow, who visibly lost his cool, told journalists at a press conference in State on Tuesday that he is though a high school product, but his contribution to Gambia’s change to democratic rule is way more than Dr Ceesay’s.

Below is his response:

I don’t want to talk about personality but Dr Ismaila Ceesay has been a critic… But I asked this question and I am still waiting for an answer… There was a very bad system here and a lot of people lost their lives and a lot of people were jailed. People were afraid to come out and challenge the system… And when our leader Ousainou Darboe was arrested, we opened up an application, we advertised for the leadership position… Where were these people? You know how many people applied? Three people.

There were intellectuals who were in the system…. and they fall their hands… They become beggars and they are not innovative. They could not create anything for themselves. Yes, I was a high school graduate but I was able to create something for myself. I was able to create employment for Gambians and I was successful… I contributed more than Dr Ceesay towards this change…

It is very easy for you to sit at a corner and criticize. They want cheap popularity… Today, it is because we have been able to stand up against Yahya Jammeh until we are able to make the change that is why some of them have the platform to go and sit down at a corner and criticize… Where were they when we needed them?… When I talk about this I become irritated, I lose my temper. Where was he?

It was difficult at the time. I was a matter of now or never. It was a matter of life and death… Now the platform is open for everybody, they can talk.

One thing they cannot take from me, I am the one who make this change… Nobody will tell you I sponsor Adama Barrow, nobody.

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