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Former CDS Bargie appointed as military attaché to China


President Adama Barrow has told journalists on Tuesday that an approval has been made of the appointment of Ousman Bargie as a military attaché to China.

The former chief of defense staff, Ousman Bargie, was first appointed as deputy ambassador to Cuba but that was rescinded prior to his departure.

But Bargie said he was still being paid his salary despite the rescinding of his appointment to Cuba.

“But we have now appointed him as a military attaché’ to China. That has already been confirmed and he will soon leave for China,” said Barrow on Tuesday.

Barrow said they have several former military leaders who are now serving the country in such capacity as a military attaché in various countries such as Saudi, Turkey and others.

Bargie was Yahya Jammeh’s last CDS who has taken the country through the political impasse in December 2016 that threatened the peace and stability of the country.

Bargie won the trust of several Gambians during this time.

Even during the impasse, he made it clear that no one under his command will fire at the civilians and that he would not confront the ECOMIG forces as well.

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