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Police arrests con artist, remand 3 others for theft


Gambian police have arrested an allege con artist who swindled large number of businesses thousands worth of goods within Kombo and Banjul.

The police spokesperson, Lamin Njie, told Kerr Fatou that Karanta Darboe, a native of Sukuta, goes around in the guise of a “Semester” taking goods in the form of loan from businesses only to disappear into thin air.

“He would tell shopkeepers that he needs goods but has foreign currency and that he would pay after he changes. They would never see him again,” said Njie.

Darboe was arrested last week after he has already reportedly conned over a dozen people.

At the time of his arrest, Darboe was reported at Brusubi Police Station eight times, four times at Bakau Police Station, four times at Sukuta Police Station, 2 times at Banjul Police Station and 2 times at Bakau Police Station.

Njie said the police have recovered a number of things following Darboe’s arrest including bags of onion, a motorbike and bags of rice.

He was charged with obtaining goods by false pretense and stealing

Meanwhile, the police have also arrested people they believe to be ex-convicts for stealing.  The three, two natives of Bara and one native of Tallinding, were identified as Babucarr Joof, Modou Lamin Ngum, and Omar Ndure.

The three have reportedly stole a number of television sets, laptops and other equipment from a shop at Tallinding and others places.

Njie said the police have found with them 14 flat screen televisions, two desktop computers, one laptop, two DVD players, a decoder, 20 liter cooking oil and gas bottle, hard drives, among others.

“According to our investigations, 12 flat screens televisions were taken from a shop at Tallinding of which 8 was recovered,” said Njie.

“You have people in the society who are not helping the police because they are buying these goods that are stolen…,” added Njie.

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