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Peace Hub The Gambia Starts Nationwide Youth Leadership Forum

Peace Hub The Gambia 

Peace Hub The Gambia (PHTG) today starts a nationwide Youth Leadership Forum. Supported by United Nations Peacebuilding Fund through UNFPA The Gambia, the YLF aims to create a platform for young potential/emerging leaders to be introduced to civic and ethical leadership, accountability, communication and community service. YLF will explore innovative ways of creating a hub for the advancement of youth and women participation in decision making processes in The Gambia. 

“In the modern generation, young people and women are critical constituents for innovative and participatory leadership. Given the numbers they constitute in our society, young people and women should be at the heart of governance, leadership and development for sustainability. Therefore, an initiative such as YLF will foster the shaping of emerging young and women leaders in regions across the country,” Bakary Sonko, Peace Hub The Gambia, National Programme Coordinator.

In the YLF, PHTG will organize town hall meetings across all the regions of the country and one major meeting in Banjul targeting 50 participants in each of the regions in the country. These sessions will target Women, youth, older generation especially veteran politicians to discuss the way forward and reflect on the lessons learnt along the line to inspire a very strong youth force in political participation.

With achieving Sustainable Development Goals important to Governments, United Nations and other development partners, YLF mainstreams promote an inclusive, accountable and transparent society for political and social development, leaving no one behind in these processes.

On the back of the just concluded National Assembly election, with considerable young people elected, YLF hopes for even more youth representation in the next year’s local government elections. 

Note: Peace Hub The Gambia is a peacebuilding and social cohesion network, established in 2020, seeks to create a conducive environment for young people in peacebuilding, social cohesion and reconciliation to support and strengthen the gains of The Gambia’s Transitional Justice (TJ).  It pursues to create an opportunity for women and young people in peace building, promote reconciliation, strengthen civil – security relations post gruesome human rights violations and TJ. Placing a significant premium on peace for the overall advancement of all the development initiatives of our society, we believe that youth engagement and young people could be a great catalyst for this endeavour. Thus, we wish to garner youth energy and other stakeholders such as Government, development partners, civil society organizations to consolidate peace, security, social cohesion, empowerment, and development.

Source: Peace Hub The Gambia 

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