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PAP Endorses Talib Ahmed Bensouda For KM Mayor 

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PAP leader, Ebrima Tabora Manneh shaking Hands with Talib Ahmed Bensouda At The Endorsement Ceremony 

By Fatou Sillah 

The People’s Alliance Party (PAP) under the leadership of Ebrima Tabora Manneh has on Wednesday Endorsed Talib Ahmed in his quest for re-election as the Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC).

Speaking at the Endorsement ceremony at the official campaign headquarters of Talib Ahmed Bensouda in Fajara, The PAP leader said they have seen all the right qualities in the UDP candidate;

“Talib is decent, and he has the experience, we know he has been the mayor for five years of this great Municipality, and he has done quite well, he has done a lot, and he has the ambitions, we believe that he will do even better if given the chance. We have seen all the qualities that we expect of a decent politician as well. His way of politics is always positive, he unites the people, so for Talib, we proudly endorse you,” Ebrima Tabora Manneh said.

He also urged the people of Kanifing Municipality to vote for Talib Ahmed Bensouda for more developments in KM.

“We are appealing to our supporters and the People of KMC to please rally behind the Lord Mayor, not only to rally behind him and campaign for him but to cast their votes for him. That’s the most important thing, don’t be threatened or intimidated by anything. If we vote for him and give him the support that he deserves, obviously, on the 21st of May we will celebrate with the Lord Mayor,” He said.

The Incumbent mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), Talib Ahmed Bensouda thank PAP for the endorsement;

“I want to thank Mr. Manneh for the endorsement. This is a big challenge for a young politician like myself who is trying to make an impact in the community, and we will look at this endorsement as a challenge for us to improve our service to the people and to improve on our strengths and also fix our weaknesses, and we have this conversation with Mr. Manneh where he thinks we can make improvements,” He said. 

The KM mayor also urged politicians not to put their political parties ahead of national Development;

“Politics is about Nation building, political parties, of course, come with principles, values, and ideas, but we should never put our political parties ahead of our national development. Gambia and Gambians come first. We are all in politics for our nation, and therefore we must accommodate each other when we see the truth, him coming from a different party seeing that as far as he is concerned, I am the best candidate for KMC,” He said.

Talib Ahmed Bensouda is the incumbent mayor of the Kanifing Municipality, and he is seeking re-election in the upcoming mayoral election which is scheduled for 20th May 2023.

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