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Opinion: Straight Talk Gambia.

Alassan Njie , Founder and President of Literary Success Club – The Gambia.

A vicious roaring Lion in the jungle cares not about the barking of a toothless dog. Hilarious! In The Gambia, the zombies and the political neophytes are the political pundits. In their highest intellectual nothingness, in pain and vain in illusion set up the government’s standards and designate people of their preferences for high profile portfolios established on their sheer infantile fantasies of fallacy. Funny! In The Gambia, political thugs, political obsoletes, illiterate literates, and half-bakes want to make political leaders. They are so reversed and ignorant to know that leadership is divine and that leaders are born not made. In my previous write-ups about Gambian politics, I have vehemently argued that politics in The Gambia is isms and schisms driven. This is an undisputed fact.

The ambiguous headlines trending on social media berating the appointment of Fabakary Tombong Jatta and Seedy SK. Njie as Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Sixth Legislature of The Gambia has no moral and no political merits. There is no Gambian or Gambian descendant in The Gambia, Europe, Asia, and America who is more a citizen of The Gambia, eligible and experienced to ascend those positions more than them. They have never been found guilty of any crime that bans them from holding a public office. With decades of services for The Gambian people, they have not at once been found incompatible with the laws of the country that warrants them to refrain from holding public offices. Who is more a loyal servant to The Gambia and the Gambian people than them? Who respects democracy, rule of law, the principle of checks and balances, and human rights more than them? Having served a government accounted for gross human rights violations, embezzlement of public funds, etc. Yet, they are jewels, raw and natural. Hey, put your filthy phalanges off them. They are Saints in Gambian politics free from all dirt.

The Gambia, let’s reflect on the then one-sided government that swiftly established the commissions to victimize Jammeh and his close associates. First the Janneh Commission then the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission. There was never a time that the council or those giving testimonies mentioned Fabakary Tombong Jatta or Seedy SK. Njie. Thus, if there is any Gambian who selflessly served The Gambian people are these two gentlemen. Intrepidly, I can say they are one of the most patriotic civil servants The Gambia ever had.

Anyway, the National Development Compass has shown that those ranting lack intelligence and intellectual wisdom. They tried to lure these two gentlemen into their gang but failed. That has made them furious going insane about their appointment.

To the disciples out there, I want to inform you that in 2017 your Master inducted Seedy SK. Njie in The Gambia’s National Veteran Politicians hall of fame. He described him as a man of virtue and value.

Note: A grain of salt cannot make an Ocean saline.

By: Alassan Njie
Alias: Malcolm X Jr

Founder and President of Literary Success Club – The Gambia.

A poet, playwright, folktale Collector, Motivational quotes writer, teacher and speaker.

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