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“Most Of Them Did Not Benefit Gambia Anything,” Barrow Slams Social Media Critics 

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H.E Adana Barrow, President Of The Republic Of The Gambia.

By Landing Ceesay 

President Adama Barrow criticized his social media critics and the mainstream media, especially the radio, for spreading misinformation and causing conflict in the country.

In a meeting with the leaders of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC), Banjul Muslim Elders, Ahmadiyya Jama’at, and other religious leaders at the statehouse on the day of Eid-ul Fitri, President Barrow said that the people who criticize him on social media and the radio are a small minority who do not benefit Gambia in any way. He said that these people are only interested in causing conflict and that they should instead focus on working to develop the country.

“You people talked about social media. The people who always talk on social media have problems in their homes. Why are they not coming out to talk about it on social media? You will never see them on social media talking about their problems at home. Social media cannot solve your problems. The only thing that can solve your problem is for us to have a dialogue. We must sit and dialogue, and we must agree to solve the problems. That’s the most important thing to do. 

“If you look at the people who talk on social media, they are not many. If you estimate these people, they are not more than 100 people. These are the people who talk everywhere. They are the ones who go to Television and Radio to spoil. Any compound they see under construction, they will snap it and say President Barrow’s compound. If you look at the people doing that, most of them did not benefit Gambia anything. They cannot even benefit themselves from anything. They don’t even have a house for their cocks. I know a lot of them,” President Barrow said. 

President Barrow did not stop at his social media critics, but also hit at the mainstream media, especially the radio. 

“You people only talk about social media, but for me, I will not stop at social media but the Gambia media in general. The Televisions and Radio, especially radio. The issue of the radio should be critically looked at. Community radio is for sensitization and to say good things. But if you look at the radio, people go there to criticize and say bad things about the government. Saying bad things about the government can bring conflict to the country,” he said. 

The Gambian President further told the Muslim Leaders that conflict has no benefit and where it will end nobody knows.

President Barrow alleged that there are people who think that they will have the opportunity to have positions in government when conflict arises.

President Barrow said there is a possibility that if a conflict arises, it will start with the people who started it before it will reach others. He asked Gambians to be very careful. 

“These are the people when coming to the Gambia, people pay for their air tickets. When they are going back, people pay for their air tickets. These are the kind of people they are, and they cannot do anything. Some of them are even paid to talk and lie against President Barrow or say something bad against him. What is worthy about that?” President Barrow asked. 

President Adama Barrow believes that his term as president of the Gambia is coming to an end, but he urged his critics to come and work with him before he leaves office. He also reminded them that former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara ruled the Gambia for 30 years, and he is gone.

“President Jammeh was here and he was so powerful. He has the police, soldiers, witches, and Jinns. Where is he now, he is gone. So, President Barrow will also go. I will not stay here long and very soon I will go. Do not be in a haste, I will go. But help me develop the country, that’s the most important thing to do. So that when I am gone, people will say President Barrow is the one who did this work here. 

“I will soon start building the compound I will live in after my presidency. That is going to be the compound I will live in after my tenure in office. If being out of the office, the only thing I will do is social work to help the Gambian people. That is the intention I have, and I have already started identifying the staff I will work with,” President Barrow told the Muslim Leaders. 

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