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Letter indicating rift over Papa Njie’s win unauthentic—PPP


The PPP held a press conference on Thursday to discuss with journalists the agenda of the party and its path under the new leader Papa Njie.

Papa Njie, the leader of the PPP elected at the party’s last month congress

An executive member of the People’s Progressive Party, Kebba Jallow, has said that the letter disputing the integrity of the election which gave Papa Njie a lead over Bakary Bunja Darboe was fake.

The PPP held their first elective congress since 1992 about a month ago where Njie defeated Darboe by a margin of 45 votes, with 227 for Darboe and 272 for Njie.

Then a letter emerged purportedly signed by three executive members of the Party rejecting the results.

The letter was purportedly authored by the Interim National President of the party, Alh. Yahya Ceesay; Dudu Taal, Member of the National Executive Committee and Kalilou Singhateh, Member of the National Executive Committee.

The letter claimed the voting at the congress were marred with irregularities. But Jallow said both Yahya Ceesay and Bakary Darboe have no idea the source of that letter.

“I want to state clearly that neither Alhagie Yaya Ceesay nor Bakary B. Dabo had any signature or support of that document. They were never informed, they were not part of it and they did not subscribe to it,” said Jallow.

Jallow, chairman of the steering committee of the PPP, said as far as the new executive is concern Papa Njie is the winner of the election.

“…There is nothing like BB Dabo or Yaya Ceesay. We are all the same PPP. We all subscribe to this election and it was free and fair. There might be some people who may feel defeated and would not be happy. That is not normal,” added Jallow.

The PPP is the party that took Gambia to independence. The party was led by Dawda Kairaba Jawara until 1994, July when he was toppled by former president Yahya Jammeh.

Jawara has now resigned from active party politics. Meanwhile, the leader of the party Njie who was facing the media for the first time since he assumed his new role said a PPP led government will save the country from under-development.

“PPP is at a crossroad but also I can say that out beloved country is also at a crossroad,” said Njie who said a PPP Government will “pay particular attention to the creation of jobs by investing more in the productive sectors”.


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