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It Has Never Happened- Essa Mbye Faal Speaks


By Buba Gagigo

From his rural Gambia nationwide presidential campaign, Essa Mbye Faal said that the welcome his supporters accorded him has ‘never happened’ in Gambian politics.

He made the remarks following his return from the first phase of the presidential campaign.

“You have shown us that you trust in us. You have shown us that you believe in us. You have shown us your expectations. Then we are happy, we are very happy. Gambian youth have decided, come December 4, they will have decided. The writing is on the wall, you better believe. The Gambian youth have made a statement and it is very clear. I have never seen this happen, from 10am to 3am. Thank you very much,” Essa Faal to his supporters in Senegambia on Wednesday.

Essa Mbaye Faal who is an independent candidate vying for the presidency was speaking to his supporters after his return from the nationwide campaign on Wednesday.

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