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Imam Bawsu Fofana Asked Citizens To Farm To Reduce High Cost Of Living

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Imam Ba Kawsu Fofana and President Barrow after performing sermon at the State House mosque earlier today (PhotoCredit: Saul Touray)

By Buba Gagigo

Imam Bawsu Fofana has call on citizens and residents of the Gambia to venture into farming -more so poultry and animal husbandry to reduce the high cost of living in the country. The Imam issued this clarion call during his Friday Sermons at the State House Mosque in Banjul on Friday, November 4th 2022.

“In the most recent past, people in communities all over this country, fed their families without waiting for an Alkalo or the president. They were able to accomplish this through small-scale farming, animal husbandry and gardening. What can we do to reduce the high cost of living that we found ourselves in today? I will advise every woman to have a garden in your compound as most of the compounds are fenced and have water. If you are not buying most of the vegetables (used for cooking) it will reduce the cost of living. Let the entire country shift our focus to work. Quarreling doesn’t stop hunger, fighting doesn’t stop hunger, crying doesn’t stop hunger, only work can stop hunger. That’s what I want to tell the government and the entire country,” Imam Fofana said.

The Sanchaba Imam also advise citizens to venture into poultry farming and animal husbandry to reduce the high cost of meat in the Gambia.

“Generations past, there was no compound that doesn’t have a small poultry house or doesn’t rear animals. Today, we don’t even know the source of most of the chicken that we are eating, the time they were slaughtered, and how they were slaughtered. Poultry farming and animal husbandry will help solve that problem. These are some of the reasons people lived harmoniously together in years past – they don’t have any issues with their parents, Alikalos, or presidents because of the low cost of living brought by the poultry and animals they rear and consume without paying for them.” He concluded.

The fiery Imam made these comments during his Friday Qutbah [Sermon] at the State House mosque earlier today. This marks the first occasion he led prayers at the State House mosque. President Adama Barrow and many cabinet ministers were congregants at today’s prayers.

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