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GDC Responds to Dr. Demba Sabally: “We Made Him What He Is Today”

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Ebrima Nyang, GDC Administrative Secretary 1

By Buba Gagigo

In response to Agriculture Minister Hon. Demba Sabally’s accusations against the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) leader, Hon. Mama Kandeh, GDC Administrative Secretary Ebrima Nyang states that the minister misrepresented Kandeh’s remarks made in Dobo.

“Dr. Sabally has accused Hon. Kandeh of limiting the youth and women’s dreams to football, jerseys and cooking pots. He further went on to say that Hon. Kandeh wants to spark problems between the security and the government following Hon. Kandeh generosity to extend food support to the security during the OIC period. I write to express my disappointment over Dr. Demba Sabally because the least I expected from a state Minister was not to intentionally misinterpret Hon. Kandeh’s message at Doboo,” Nyang said.

Nyang clarified that Hon. Kandeh’s message was about encouraging youth to take control of their future and not to trade it for trivial items like footballs and jerseys, which have been around since before the NPP’s inception. Kandeh argued that giving cooking pots as election bribes does not solve women’s problems and urged the government to focus on skill development for youth and women instead.

“These were things they had before the Inception of the NPP and should not be an opportunity to sell their voter card to the NPP. Hon. Kandeh further said that women who were given cooking pots during the last election as a bribe today know that cooking pots cannot solve their problems. He called on the government to prioritize skills to build a good future for the youth and women, rather than giving them footballs, jerseys, and cooking pots only to secure their votes. 

“Hon. Kandeh echoed the government to heavenly invest in sports to allow youth to see a better future in it. He cautioned the youths and women that the change that has happened in Senegal was done by the youths and women out of the love for their country, not demanding footballs, jerseys, and cooking pots from the Senegalese politicians,” said Nyang.

Regarding security personnel, Nyang stated that the GDC did not originate reports of food shortages among them. Instead, Kandeh provided food support out of goodwill, purchasing two bulls, 10 bags each of rice and onions, 10 gallons of oil, and three bags of sugar to ensure the security forces were well-fed during the OIC.

“I Ebrima Nyang, GDC Admin Secretary 1, called the security adviser to the government, Mr. Jeng through a telephone call to help facilitate the food items to the security, but he turned it down. He claimed that the feeding of the security is entirely in the government’s hands. This was shocking, as if the feeding was available and on time for the security, they would not complain at all. Dr. Sabally’s speech was nothing but hatred towards the GDC party leader and very baseless. Dr. Sabally should be grateful to the GDC because we made him what he is today,” he said.

Responding to Demba Sabally’s claims that the GDC is financially strained, Nyang asserted,  “I would like to tell Dr. Sabally that whatever we used to carry out our activities as GDC belongs to us, and we have not committed corruption to finance our activities like how the NPP does and ministers for their selfish gain. We are very dignified to rob the masses for our individual pockets. We will come for the thieves in suits one day, In Shaa Allah. The time and energy you use and energy against the GDC are more needed at the failed agriculture ministry.” he said

Nyang defended Hon. Kandeh’s reputation, emphasizing his contributions to the youth and women, including fencing football fields, providing educational scholarships, medical treatments, and supporting community projects. He questioned the narrative that Hon. Kandeh is an enemy of the youth and women.

“There is no one in his or her right sense that would believe that Hon. Kandeh is an enemy to the youth and women of this country. Comparing his intervention on the side of the youth: fencing football fields, giving educational scholarships, and medical treatments, Gambia College with 100K to buy chairs, fencing women’s gardens, dug 100 plus boreholes, rehabilitating clinics, etc. Who in their senses will ignorantly declare Hon. Kandeh as an enemy to the youth and women folk when he has been the hope of the youth and women in their fight for survival.”

He concluded by criticizing the government for prioritizing personal interests over national welfare, particularly in light of the OIC’s shortcomings

“The OIC was a failure and the president has confirmed it, and this is because we have a government that prioritizes their interest over the nation. The GDC is on the stand to debunk any false allegations levied on us because lying against us will never be entertained again.

“Barrow is finished, and his latest strategies will not salvage him in 2026. There was a huge failure from the agricultural sector last farming season, and we hope you use the time to address it, so that it would not repeat this year at all. You are given a task to work for the farmers, but they are not happy with you at all.

“Finally, the monies, jerseys, and cooking pots that the NPP was giving out during the last election, why did it stop if it was done out of good faith?

“The people have served your interest, and now they are forgotten for good and preparing to come back for you in 2026 for the same cunny games. Let’s take back our country from these hungry, angry, and selfish people,” he said.

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