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Gambian Nko prof., Jammeh, publishes fifth book on Thursday

Karanfa Karamo Jammeh, a Gambian Nko expert based in Sweden. Jammeh authored five books in Nko.

Karamo Jammeh, a professor in Nko, a traditional Mande alphabet which was created in Guinea Conakry by Sulayman Kante, has printed his fifth book on Thursday.

Jammeh’s recent book is based on the history of the twenty-five prophets of Allah whose names were mentioned in the Quran.

Jammeh, a linguist who is fluent in Bambara, Dyula, Maninka and Mandinka, is based in Sweden.

He has been a long advocate of Nko learning and has been known for it worldwide.

“I have written this book so that people can read these histories of various prophets in their own language. It fosters greater understanding,” said Jammeh.

The history started with that of Prophet Adam to Muhammed and it also captures relevant names of things that many people thought to be lost in Mandinka like spirit, prophets or supernatural, among others.

The book is entirely in Nko. Karamo is a lecturer in Mandinka who speaks in the language without influence of any foreign language.

Karamo Jammeh with his Nko book which cost D200. Dial 9997924 to get a copy.

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