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Gambia Transport Union Determined To Implement Proposed Strike

Omar Ceesay
President Gambia Transport Union


By Buba Gagigo

Gambia Transport Union President reiterated their desire to implement their proposed sit-down strike slated for Monday, after negotiations with the government failed.

“Regarding our sit-down strike, we are still going to continue with it. We have not changed anything. On the 13th [of which month] we advise all drivers to sit at home. Because we discussed with the government but as of now, we do not reach [a] consensus. So for that being the case our sit-down strike remains the same,” Omar Ceesay told Kerr Fatou.

The Gambia Transport Union President in his last press conference accused the Gambia government of not having interest in improving the transportation system of the country.

At the occasion last month, Ceesay also alleged the government of refusing to increase the transport fares, so they (the drivers) would continue cutting trips to gain more fares, which the government cannot avert.

He added that due to their continuous cutting of trips, passengers pay more than 50 dalasi from Banjul to Brikama because “government refused” to increase the fares.

He reiterated that the Union would embark on strike on 13th September, as planned, if the government fails to grant their demands.


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