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Gambia Action Party’s Eid Ul Fitr Message

Musa Yali Batchilly
GAP Party Leader

As today marks the fasting of thirty days in Muslim calendar, we wish to extend our sincere greeting to our Muslim brothers and sisters both in The Gambia and abroad. Ramadan is such a special occasion that connects the muslims together and enjoin in prayerful nature for the benefits of all mankind. During this period, The Gambians upheld and demonstrated mutual support for the less privileged people and reaffirmed our societal values and beliefs in absolute caring and sharing. May all the fasting and prayers be answered towards the common good of all the people.

We would like to take this rare opportunity to call for the maintenance of peace and stability around the country with continuous action against violence and its related scenarios cognizant of the fact that our collective efforts are needed for the safety of all people irrespective of our diverse backgrounds. Our nation is facing tumultuous challenges posed by perpetrators who on daily routine disregard for the precious souls of the nation’s assets as many people are announced dead in all parts of the country. We beckon the Gambia Government to restore primary focus on protection of the lives of our people in the most dignified and secure manner.

We wish to extend our gratitude to the frontline workers who during this difficult month rendered effective services in our hospitals as we continued to struggle with COVID-19 influenza and other medical complications. On the other hand, The Gambia Action Party salutes our women in civil and public service sectors to have coped with other commitments during this month. Whilst Allah stays aloof and watches, may He bless them all.

On behalf of my family, the Executive Committee of Gambia Action Party, general membership and the Muslim community by extension, I wish everyone a joyous Eid Ul Fitr and many more years in peace, stability, steadfastness and loyalty to the nation coupled with the achievement of the socio-economic development agendas of our great nation, The Gambia.

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