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Statement by Dr Ismalia Ceesay, CA Party Leader, On The Occasion Of Eid-Ul- Fitr

Dr Ismalia Ceesay
CA Party Leader


As we mark the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan by celebrating the Eid ul-Fitr, I extend warm greetings and send my very best wishes to all Muslims in The Gambia and worldwide.
The ending of the Holy month of Ramadan is a moment of thanksgiving to Allah as families and friends join together to celebrate and reflect on our month-long journey of prayers, fasting, and sacrifice.
Significant national and global challenges will overshadow this year’s Eid ul-Fitr celebrations, and I know it has been difficult for many of us. We, however, remain hopeful that our prayers and commitment to our faith will help us overcome our many trials. I, therefore, urge you all to increase our supplications and strengthen our dedication to the will of Allah while we seek his blessings.
Throughout this Holy month and before, Gambians have strongly demonstrated the very best values that unite us as Muslims and Gambians. The values of tolerance, respect, selflessness, and compassion. I take special delight in knowing that the spirit of giving and solidarity to the less fortunate in our society has not faded with our many challenges. We see Gambians in every sector of society helping people in need.
Sadly, some of our Muslim brothers and sisters will not enjoy this year’s Eid celebrations with their families as war, diseases, and poverty ravage their societies. I urge every Gambian to join me and pray for them so that Allah can ease their hardship.
Finally, I take this opportunity to thank and recognize the efforts of every Gambian in maintaining peace in our beloved nation. In particular, I thank all Gambian workers in all sectors whose sacrifices contribute significantly to our national development. Special recognition and thank you to our health care workers who courageously and selflessly continue to sacrifice their lives despite all odds as they care for the sick and help to contain the surge of the coronavirus.
I pray that Almighty Allah accepts our fasting, prayers, worship, and good deeds in the blessed month of Ramadan. I also pray for peace and security to continue to reign in this country.
On behalf of my family, the Citizens’ Alliance Executive and Membership and on my own personal behalf, I wish every Gambian at home and abroad and every resident of The Gambia a very happy and peaceful Eid Ul-Fitr.

Dr. Ismaila Ceesay
Party Leader
Citizens Alliance (CA)

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