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Family of Modou Lamin Sisay Calls for Justice In his Death

Modou Lamin Sisay’s Aunt during an Interview with Kerr Fatou

By Arfang M.S. Camara

The family of the late Modou Lamin Sisay, who died at the hands of the American police is calling for justice.

Modou Lamin Sisay was a 39-year-old Gambian, fondly called ‘Boy Sisay’, resident in a county northeast of Atlanta, US, who was killed by police in the early hours of May 29, 2020.

In the wake a global protest (including in the Gambia) against police brutality and racism, An Aunt to the deceased, Yvatte Wadda Jatta has expressed her devastation on receiving news of her son’s death.

“The news found me on my sick bed and it made me so confused,” said Yvatte Wadda Jatta. She added it was very difficult for them after hearing about‘boy Sisay’s death.

Asked about the police report which stated that Sisay attempted to flee, aimed a gun at officers and then died after exchanging fire with a SWAT team that had arrived to provide backup: She replied “Modou Lamin Sisay was a very pious man. He was in my [care] when was in the Gambia. All that has been said on the police report in America are lies. We are now calling for justice for our son (Modou Lamin Sisay), George Floyd and all the other Blacks who were brutally killed by the American [police].”

A Relative of Modou Lamin Sisay

For her part, Louise Kokori, a cousin to Modou Lamin Sisay who had tears in eyes during an interview with Kerr Fatou said that all that they are demanding is for justice to be done in her cousin’s death. And contrary to what has been claimed about him, she said “Boy Sisay” was a very pious man who will never engaged in what the American police report said about him- engaging in a shoot out. 

Madam Kokori said that Sisay was too young, with no wife or kids, to have lost his life the way he did at the hands of police.

Protesters Marching Today

“Our demands are not made only for “Boy Sisay” but also for all the other Black people who were killed by the American police- to make sure that their voices are heard; to put an end to racism and brutality people in America and in other countries.”

Monica Jatta, a sister to Modou Lamin Sisay also said that it was very difficult for them after hearing about the death of Boy Sisay, and that nobody wishes for its own family member to die as Modou Lamin and George Floyd did.

Another Relative of the Deceased

“We are now calling for justice to prevail for Modou Lamin Sisay, George Floyd and all the other Black people who died at the hands of the American law enforcement.”

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