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Ex-soldier Kanyi confessed to participating in 3 executions


Alagie Kanyi has confessed that he has participated in execution of six soldiers in the Brikama forest, killing of Koro Ceesay and the murder of Fafa Nyang and Basiru Camara.

Alagie Kanyi, former soldier who confessed to killing colleagues after 1994 coup

A man who has come to be named “mofala”, killer in Mandinka, has become the first person to confess before the Truth Commission to killing people on orders of the former military junta that toppled Dawda Kairaba Jawara in July 1994.

Kanyi confessed to opening fire at Basiru Camara and Fafa Nyang, two soldiers who had been arrested and taken away in a green Land Rover, with their hands tied from behind. Nyang and Camara were executed with four other soldiers inside the Brikama forest.

Kanyi said the executions were supervised by Sanna Sabally, then vice chair of the Armed Forces Provisional Ruling Council.

In the Brikama forest, Kanyi said they were standing in an extended line and so were the soldiers who were about to be executed.

“Sanna Sabally said “say your last prayers.” He said Buba Jammeh, one of the killed soldiers, begged “don’t kill us, take us to jail.” But Sanna would not listen and he gave an order to shoot.

“The firing was rapid and each person was hit with multiple bullets,” said Kanyi. Five soldiers were killed there at the range.

After the soldiers were killed, they were brought back to be buried at Yundum Barracks. He said the burial was not even organized.

Killing of Koro

Meanwhile, Kanyi has also confessed that he was involved in the killing of country’s former finance minister Ousman Koro Ceesay.

He said the execution happened on orders of former Captain Edward Singhateh. They executed Koro at the residence of former junta leader Yankuba Touray in June 1995.

“Peter hit him with a pestle and there was blood everywhere… Yankuba took the pestle and also hit him and we all hit and the man died,” said Kanyi. He said they had already found all objects used to kill Koro set at Touray’s residence.

From there, Ceesay was put in his car and later dumped somewhere around Jambur.

He said he later saw Peter with a burnt hand, suggesting that he dumped Koro in his car and set it ablaze.

Meanwhile, Kanyi told the Commission on Thursday that Yankuba Touray has called him asking him not to talk to TRRC.

He said “they cannot do anything to you”. And I was later called by Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay who also advised me not to talk to TRRC. “It is like let me not respond to you people,” said Kanyi.

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