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EU provides Gambia D73 million to develop NEA, Water Resources


By Arfang M.S. Camara

The European Union has today (Wednesday) announced that it has provided €1,353,120 (about D73) million to fund a long term technical assistance team to work in support of the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Department of Water Resources in mitigating the consequences of climate change and helping The Gambia to adapt to it.

According to the EU, the contract which will last for 36 months and provide capacity building and support to a range of climate mitigation and adaptation activities is already underway as part of the European Union’s €5.3 million (about 286 million) Global Climate Change Alliance GCCA+ Climate Resilient Coastal and Marine Zone project.

In a statement writing by the EU delegation to The Gambia said that in The Gambia climate change is definitely a contributing factor towards declines in agriculture and rural livelihoods and the country’s coast and marine environment is fragile. These vulnerabilities increase the fragility of the most disadvantaged populations which over-exposes them to the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic
“While in developed countries the COVID-19 health crisis precedes the economic crisis, for many developing countries, such as The Gambia, the order is reversed. Some countries in Sub-Saharan Africa already face a massive flight of capital, a fall in income from tourism and agriculture, and a fall in remittances due to COVID-19. We have to address this robustly, and this is exactly what we do.”

According to the Attila LAJOS, European Union Ambassador to the Republic of The Gambia said that there will be an after-Covid-19 in The Gambia as anywhere else in the world, saying that they need to get ready for it.
He added that “right now! The beautiful green nature of The Gambia is one of its main assets.”
“It is in The Gambia’s interest that it not be spoiled, and that it be preserved from climate change. #TeamEurope wants to work hand in hands with The Gambia on this. There is only one future, and that is a sustainable and green future. Let’s go for a Green Gambia!”

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