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China Calls on Africa to Steadfastly Control Its Own Destiny

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Wang Yi, Chinese foreign minister speaking to Journalists at a press conference

By Fatou Sillah 

The Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, addressing inquiries from journalists regarding China’s foreign policy and external relations, advocates for Africa to assert its autonomy and shape its own future. He underscores that externally imposed models have failed to yield stability or prosperity for the continent.

“African Countries are experiencing a new awakening. Models imposed from outside have brought Africa neither stability nor prosperity, African countries need to explore development part suited to their national conditions and keep their future destiny firm in their own hands. 

“In this new historical process, China will continue to stand firmly with our African brothers and support an Africa that is truly independent in thinking and ideas,” He said.

The minister reiterated that China will support Africa in enhancing its ability to pursue self-driven development and modernization efforts.

“China will assist Africa in building capacity for self-driven development and support faster modernization in Africa. China always holds that  Africa should not be marginalized. What China Africa Cooperation strives for other major countries have again turned their eyes to Africa, China welcomes that. we hope, like China, all sides will pay greater attention to Africa and increase imports to support Africa’s development and support the development with real passion, on the basis of respecting the will of Africa. China stands ready for more trilateral and multilateral cooperation,” He said.

He further emphasized the deep bond between China and Africa, likening their relationship to that of brothers who interact with sincerity and share common destinies. He highlighted the tradition where Chinese prime ministers kick off their overseas visits with a trip to Africa, a practice upheld for 34 consecutive years

“Chinese prime ministers start their overseas visit every year with a trip to Africa, this is a tradition that has continued for 34 years, this is unique in the history of international exchanges, it is so because China and Africa are brothers treating each other with sincerity and shared common features. We have fought shoulder to shoulder against imperialism, and colonialism we have supported each other in the pursuit of development, and we have always stood for justice and change in the international landscape. Since the start of the new Era, President Xi Jinping has put forward a principle of sincerity, real results, amenities, and good trade and called for taking a right approach of friendship and interest,” He said.

He added “The endeavor of building a China-Africa community with a shared future has just been steered unto a fast tract, China has remained Africa’s biggest trading partner for 15 years straight and the tie of China-Africa cooperation is growing bigger. The Chinese and the African people are feeding closer to each other. The global south including China and Africa is growing fast and profoundly taking a course of world history,” He said.

The Foreign Affairs minister announced, “The next meeting of the forum of China Africa cooperation will be held in China this quarter. Chinese and African leaders will gather in Beijing again after 6 years to discuss future developments and cooperation and exchange governance experience. I believe that through this summit China and Africa will enhance their long-standing friendship and deepen unity and collaboration to open up new visitors for faster development and start a new chapter for the China-Africa community with a shared future,” He said.

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