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Chairman Foday Danjo Says Basse Market Shop Distribution Was Politicized 

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Foday Danjo, Chairman Basse Area Council

By Buba Gagigo

Foday Danjo, the chairman of the Basse Area Council (BAC) has accused president Adama Barrow of politicizing the shop distribution at the Basse Market.

The Basse Area Council Chairman Foday Danjo made these accusations in a WhatsApp audio message obtained by Kerr Fatou in which he was responding to NPP’s Bubu Drammeh who accused him (Danjo) of not doing anything for URR for the past five years;

“About the market, we all know what President Barrow did. He used power and gave the market to the Governor. The Governor did the distribution and gave shops to people he wants to give it to. You Bubu Drammeh have a shop there that you rented to someone else. If I don’t forget you are at shop number four. Have you ever been to the market and you have a shop there? Is that not hypocrisy? The way Area Council’s Sub-development planned for the market would have been the best. But the entire process was politicized. There was no truth in the process. The people in the committee were favoring others,” the Chairman said.

The chairman said Bubu Drammeh and his ilk cannot see what he did in URR, because he (Bubu) never wanted him to be Basse Area Council Chairman, to begin with.

“They cannot see what we did because of their hypocrisy. If you asked people who worked at Basse Area Council they will tell you the difference that I made in the council. My developments will speak for themselves. But Bubu Drammeh never like me since my nomination because he gave my opponent D30,000 just to support him against me. He was embarrassed because the person didn’t win. Since then Bubu Drammeh has held a grudge against me,” he continued.

During Bubu Drammeh’s interview, he claimed to have taken Basse Area Council from chairman Danjo. Chairman Foday Danjo however says that is not possible for the NPP man;

“I also want to tell him, Area Council is not ‘Susu Kafo’ to say I have my NPP people there let me go and get fuel, that time has passed. All the money is accounted for. You said you will make a cabinet in Basse Area Council. Do you know what is cabinet? I think you should go to school and update yourself,” chairman Danjo said.

The chairman in his response to Bubu Drammeh also highlights some of the development projects he brought to the Upper River Region (URR) during his first tenure in office;

“Let me tell you some of my projects in which Jimira is a beneficiary. I dug boreholes in many areas. Go to between Sarreh Bojo and Sirreh Mason, I did that road, go to Seyfula Suna I dug a borehole where their cattle drink, go to Sandu, Barinabeh also has a place where their cattle drink and is done by Area Council. Go to Nawdeh, Area Council build the clinic on the highway. 

“Go to Wuli, we built a bridge, go to Baja Kunda, we built a bridge for them. Go to Sotuma Kantora, we gave them a borehole, the bridge that connects Bani and Sonkunda was built by us. Go to Sabi we built a bridge, go to Kanibeh, we built a bridge there. Then why would you say you didn’t see any developments? What kind of development do you want? You are not interested in the truth you just want to go around and tarnish people’s names because of your hypocrisy,” he concluded.

Foday Danjo is the incumbent chairman of the Basse Area Council (BAC) and Bubu Drammeh is the Regional Chairman of the National People’s Party (NPP).

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