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Cabinet Approves Renaming of Agriculture Ministry to Embrace Livestock and Food Security

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Dr. Ismalia Ceesay, Minister of Information 

By Buba Gagigo 

President Adama Barrow, alongside his Cabinet members, convened for the 11th Cabinet Session, where pivotal proposals were green-lit to invigorate The Gambia’s agricultural sector. Among these proposals was the pivotal decision to rename the agriculture ministry, expanding its scope to encompass Livestock and food security, as outlined in a press statement from the Ministry of Information.

During the session, President Barrow and Cabinet reviewed proposals presented by Agriculture Minister, Dr. Demba Sabally, which included the establishment of a Presidential Delivery Council. This council would oversee the effective execution of the nation’s Food and Agriculture Delivery Compact, demonstrating the government’s steadfast commitment to fostering a sustainable and resilient food system.

“President Barrow and Cabinet deliberated on the proposals of the Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Demba Sabally which included the establishment of a Presidential Delivery Council to oversee the effective implementation of the country’s Food and Agriculture Delivery Compact. This strategic initiative underscores the Government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a sustainable and resilient food system for all Gambians,” the statement reads.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Information confirmed that the Cabinet has backed the proposal to rename the Ministry of Agriculture, recognizing the crucial role of livestock farming in enhancing food production and ensuring food security nationwide. Consequently, the ministry will now be known as the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Security.

“Therefore, the ministry will now be named the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Security,” they said.

In addition to this renaming, the Cabinet also approved the introduction of Farmers’ and Herders’ Day, designated as ‘senela lungo or besi beykat’ and ‘nyalandeh gainako’ respectively. This special occasion aims to honor the invaluable contributions of crop and livestock farmers to the nation’s sustenance and agricultural prosperity.

“This special occasion will serve as a tribute to the tireless efforts of crop and livestock farmers in nourishing the populace and driving agricultural prosperity,” they announced.

Moreover, the Cabinet reached a consensus on revitalizing the Food Security Council, emphasizing the government’s proactive stance in tackling food security challenges and promoting collaboration among key stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

“This initiative highlights the government’s proactive approach to addressing food security challenges and fostering collaboration among key stakeholders in the agricultural sector. In a statement to journalists following the Cabinet meeting, the Minister of Information, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, emphasized President Adama Barrow’s commitment to advancing agricultural development and ensuring food security for all citizens. He reaffirmed the Government’s prioritization of initiatives that promote sustainable agricultural practices and uplift the livelihoods of farmers and herders across the country,” they concluded.

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