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BALUWO Brings Affordable Rams As Tobaski Approaches

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A selection of Baluwo Rams for Sale

By Fatou Sillah 

Baluwo, an online shopping platform that provides a one-stop shop for the African diaspora to send provisions to their loved ones back home, announced the start of its Tobaski Ram Sales campaign on Monday. The campaign is in preparation for the upcoming Idul Adha festival, also known as Tobaski.

Idul Adha [Tobaski] is a Muslim holiday that celebrates the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son. It is a time for families to come together and celebrate, and to share a meal. Baluwo’s Tobaski Ram Sales campaign makes it easy for people in the diaspora to send rams to their loved ones in Africa.

Baluwo offers a variety of rams to choose from which can be purchased online, and the recipients back home can pick them up at their sales points around the country.

Lamin Jaiteh, West Africa Operations Supervisor for Baluwo, urged the Gambian diaspora to download the Baluwo Mobile App to easily buy their Tobaski rams while abroad. He made this statement on Monday when Kerr Fatou visited Baluwo’s Ram Sales location in Abuko.
“Buyers in the Diaspora, I urge you to rush and download the Baluwo App. You can only buy Rams through the app this year. The app has a wide variety of rams to choose from, all with pictures and prices. You can find the perfect ram for your needs and budget.” He said.

Bai Fafa Bah, a ram salesman, said that Baluwo is the safest and most affordable place to buy a Tobaski ram.
“Baluwo is a great initiative. Last year, we brought in big and high-quality rams. This year, we have even more quality and affordable rams. Our rams are good and affordable, and prices start at 10,000 and above,” he said 
BALUWO began its promotion on Monday and will continue until the Tobaski feast. Their promotion center is located in Abuko.

Baluwo is committed to providing a convenient and reliable way for people in the diaspora to send provisions to their loved ones back home. The company’s Tobaski Ram Sales campaign is a great way to celebrate Tobaski with your loved ones while afar.

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