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Accident Reportedly Kills Pregnant Woman, Two Others In Jokadou

Scene of the accident in Munyagen village in the Jokadou Constituency

By Buba Gagigo

An accident has claimed the lives of three people including a pregnant woman with her unborn baby, an eyewitness account stated.

The trio reportedly died in the early hours of Tuesday, following a collision between a Lorry and a taxi in Munyagen village, in the Jokadou constituency in the North Bank Region.

“It all started in Jokadou, in a village called Kerr Ali, when a pregnant woman on labour was being rushed to the hospital in Kuntaya by a taxi driver and 3 others including the pregnant woman. As they were on the road driving to the hospital, they met a Lorry in Munyagen, in Jokadu. 

“The Lorry was loaded with goods of different varieties, coming from the junction towards the main Farafenni-Barra highway where it collided with the Taxi. They knocked each other and as a result, the taxi driver, pregnant woman with her unborn child and another woman escorting the pregnant woman, all died. The only survivor was an old woman, who is currently in a critical condition and he was rushed to Banjul for proper healthcare,” an eyewitness told Kerr Fatou on Wednesday.

This medium, at the time of publication, could not reach authorities at Kuntaya Hospital for comment on the matter.  

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